Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to retain someone to help me with my application?

No. Applicants are not under any obligation to hire professional assistance, however the process of gathering information and documentation to complete the application can be stressful and time consuming. Many of our clients find it easier to have us do it for them.

Do you guarantee that my application is successful?

No. We do not process your application or make a final decision on that application. We put forward the best case for your application that will allow the officer making the decision on your case, to be able to confidently make that decision. Anyone who tells you they can guarantee your case is not only lying, they may also be breaking the law. 

Are you cheaper than a lawyer?

Sometimes we are, and sometimes we are not. We have extensive and unique experience that most lawyers simply don’t have. This doesn’t always mean we are better than them, but sometimes it does. We don’t compare ourselves to any other RCICs or lawyers. We assess your application based on a number of factors, and whether or not we think there may be complications to the file. Our fees are fair based on the complexity of your case and based on our experience. In most cases, we can work out an acceptable payment schedule as well.


Is it better for a lawyer or a RCIC handle my case?

That depends entirely upon you. RCICs undergo an industry specific course of instruction followed by a rigorous exam in order to be eligible to regulated with the ICCRC. We are required to take a minimum of 16 credit hours a year in training specific to immigration and citizenship topics. Lawyers are required to undergo training far more extensive to become a lawyer, but none of that training is required to be specific to practice immigration law. As with consultants, lawyers are also required to take ongoing training, but their training can be in any legal field in which they are eligible to practice. There are good and bad RCICs and there are good and bad lawyers. The important thing is that you make sure to verify that the RCICs and lawyers you are thinking of hiring are in good standing with their regulatory organization. ICCRC contact information can be found here. You will be providing a lot of personal information about your background to the person you choose to hire. You will need to be comfortable working with that person.